Company Profile

  • Al -Wataneya  for Metal industries and home appliances etablished in 2011
  •       $The investment capital is 22 million
  •   The current size is 64000 m²
  • The number of employees in the company is 800 worker and technician
  • Al-Wataneya manufactures 12.000 cylinder per day
  • The work goes around the clock and devided into 3 shifts


  •  In 2014 the company added 29.000 M²
  • In 2015 Al-Watanetya manufactured the cylinders with their different sizes and trchnical specification to be exported to all over the world
  •  In 2016 Al-Wataneya established Gas Valves factory to satisfy the local market needs and and to export abroad
  • Now in 2017 the company is building water heaters factory with its different sizes and another factory for for utensils and table ware to make it with its different sizes ,this all in addition wheelbarrow factory

  • Al-Wataneya Future Perception
  • In 2018 Al-Wataneya will finish the following
    1-Electric Gas Heaters Which will have the latest quality and safety systems
    2-The wheelbarrow factory
    3-Utensils plant that will manufacture thre different kinds of utensils and tableware

    • During 2018 Al-Wataneya will start in building the  following
      1- Cookers factory that will  make the the different sizes of the
      2-Air condition factory Electric devices factory that will make like fans ,mixers and Vacuum CleanersAl-Wataneya Vision
      Our vision is to be the biggest industrial cluster in Egypt and abroad throughout possessing the latest techniques,  the implementation of inclusive quality systems ,acquiring the distinguished local experiences and to have variety of
      products and competitive prices
      Al-Wataneya Message
      To work on supporting the course of economic development and the improvement of investment environment in the national economy throughout depending on the right commercial-economic  basis ,benefiting from the industrial activity of the company to attract the resources and re- pump it to serve the economic integration between different sectorsAl-Wataneya Strategy

      We aim to be a pioneering company  in manufacturing the main goods, working according to highest international levels ,continuous research  to satisfy renewable customers’ needs ,offering  a well reputed products and the best use of  available human and financial resources

      Al-Wataneya Values

      Integrity , respecting laws and avoiding behaviors which is against the career ethics

      The obligation to satisfy local community and its expectations

      Innovation , encouraging innovative thinking and the continuous ,and the continuous development  for our services

      Quality certificates the company got


      1. ISO 9001ISO 14000
      2. ISO 8001ISO 4706/2015